About Sana

Over the course of my degree in Health Science, I majored in Rehabilitation Counselling at La Trobe University. I have always been passionate about working within the Health Sector. Why? Because I want to have a meaningful purpose in my life. It is my life ambition to be able to apply my drive, passion and compassion in a way that helps others find or regain meaning, purpose, health and joy in their life. The goal is enabling everyone to achieve a holistic sense of wellbeing thereby increasing each and everyone’s overall quality of life. At Ablelink, I am enabled to be part of a culture that thrives on being holistic in the delivery of service. I understand the importance of tailoring services for each person as a respectable and unique individual and not a number.

As part of my studies I have gained experience, knowledge and skills working both with children and adults and I was enabled to ground my understanding of the complexities associated with disability and how disability is based on a continuous spectrum. Whilst disability exists, so does ability. With the implementation of the NDIS, we can increasingly help others improve their sense of support, independence and participation in the community all whilst advocating for others to exercise choice and control over their life. I believe in continuous self-development, and I am a firm believer of appreciating life’s victories – big and small – and with the right attitude, there is triumph for every tribulation, and with every goal set, there is opportunity for achievement! So, let’s do this together!

Other than my passion for where I work and what I do, I love pretty cafes that make great coffee, exploring scenic, idyllic places, meditation, travelling (I have an incurable case of wanderlust) and of course, spending time with my dear family and friends!