Ryan's Story

I love meeting people and making connections. I first got involved within the disability community in 2010 as a journalist covering Arts Access Victoria’s, ‘The Other Film Festival’ (Australia’s largest festival of films created by, with and about people with disability). My eyes were opened to a truly diverse and inclusive community. That experience motivated me to change careers and become part of the social change movement for people with and without disability.

I have worked within the NDIS landscape for five years. I worked as an ‘Ability Linker’ in Sydney, spending my days out and about in the community, chatting to anyone and everyone about removing accessibility barriers and brainstorming ways to become more inclusive. It was incredibly motivating to see people and communities take on new challenges and become more inclusive.

Since moving back to Melbourne, I have worked as an NDIS Support Coordinator, as well as taking on a short-term role with the Youth Disability Advocacy Service, coordinating the delivery of two community development projects in the NDIS/ILC space.

I’m excited to join the Ablelink team, as they have a strong reputation for putting people first and delivering a great customer experience.

When I’m not busy advocating for greater inclusion, I enjoy drinking lots of coffee, hanging out with my two dogs, pottering in the garden, and buying flowers for my wonderful girlfriend!