Meet Jodie

Hi I’m Jodie, and I have had the privledge in working alongside people with a disability for 32 years (I started young!!!).

I started university at Deakin in Burwood, Bachelor of Applied Science, Intellectual Disability. This is when I started working casually, with the then Department of Human Services, in several people’s group homes in the Eastern Region. From this I became a House Supervisor, then joined a non-government service, supporting people to move from congregate care, into their group homes, with themselves and family being totally involved in the process and choices in the development of their new home. I then had the opportunity to manage a day service within the same organisation, in which we supported all people to develop and use their own communication style, and to look at opportunities to become connected, valued members of their community, having presence and contribution.

I am excited by this new opportunity to be able to have a positive influence in the way people are supported to achieve their goals in their life, respecting each person’s individuality and empowering them to have the control in what their life will look like.

I have an “anything is possible “attitude, with this, and my passion in ensuring people of all abilities have the same opportunities and experiences to participate in regular community life as everyone other citizen enables me to always focus on a person’s strengths and skills and what they can contribute.

I’m looking forward in working together with this dynamic team at Ablelink, using everyone’s knowledge and skills, to be able to support people to achieve the life they desire. The NDIS is a new way of doing things in the disability world so let’s grab this opportunity and enjoy this exciting time and change.

Me and my life? Well I’m a family girl had my son later on in life, so I thought it’s time for a quieter life like……. managing my son’s football team, swimming lessons, footy training, basketball, basketball training and his social life! In-between this I love catching up with friends, and enjoy a good band and dance!