Cam's Story

This is my first foray into the disability sector. A fortunate coincidence of spending years in various aspects of the business world and a lot of time with Jess, whom I’m lucky to call my wife and partner in Ablelink.

Starting in the customer service driven world of hospitality, I discovered the pleasure in not only satisfying the needs of customers but exceeding their expectations. This led me to a slightly different path as a personal assistant to one of Australia’s leading business identities for almost a decade.

Having had the pleasure to witness great businesspeople, with the confidence and ability to make change, I was inspired to join Jess on her journey to help shape the success of the NDIS. The NDIS is a massive shift from the old funding models and I’m a fervent believer that boutique, independent and innovative businesses will be the key to the success of the scheme.

As a disciple of tech innovation, a significant portion of my professional life revolved around I.T. I love computers and the power of technology to make things better and easier for all involved. This is my focus at Ablelink and my aim is to make it “just work” for everyone.

In my spare time I’m very good at watching TV with my eyes closed!