Meet Babs

Hi, my name is Babs. I have recently found my way into the Disability sector after a break to study and travel in Europe. Previously, I worked mainly in retail and hospitality where I enjoyed the opportunity for lots of direct contact with people and the opportunity to study.

However, I have always desired to make a genuine difference with the work that I do, and it was not until starting my Law degree that I realised that I was truly passionate about community development and advocating for others. A core belief of mine is that everyone should be given equal treatment regardless of who they are, where they come from or what their capacity is.

I love travelling. I speak multiple languages (which tends to help a lot). I love experiencing new cultures and different languages fascinate me. I love meeting people who challenge my world views and I enjoy learning from others.

Other than travelling, I also enjoy reading, movies, music, debating, politics, food and chocolate. I also love watching sport, especially tennis, my obsession for Roger Federer is beyond help.