About Annika

My experience in the disability sector started with the organisation Out of Home Care (Child Protection) and complex 24-hour programs. A lot of my experience is based around matching clients with the right support workers to make sure each client receives individualised supports. 

I completed my Bachelor of Arts with specialization in Human Rights. During my degree I spend a lot of time focusing on International Development, philosophy and ethics. Part of my degree led me to India where I worked on Educational Development in rural villages. 

When I first entered the world of NDIS and disability support, it became very clear to me that a lot of people had trouble understanding and fully utilising their NDIS plans. By helping participants as a Support Coordinator, I feel that I can make a difference in their lives by making sure they gain as much support, satisfaction and independence as possible. 

Outside of work you might catch me on the footy field or in the kitchen baking and decorating cupcakes and birthday cakes. I love spending time outdoors and a good long road trip is always a winner!